Rouyn-Noranda Mayor Announces Tax Breaks for Mafia

Mario Provencher, Mayor of Rouyn-Noranda

ROUYN-NORANDA – Mario Provencher, mayor of the municipality Rouyn-Noranda in Quebec, held a press conference earlier this afternoon to announce that he is proposing to city council a set of tax incentives for members of the Mafia.

“Currently we do not have Mafia presence in Rouyn-Noranda,” Provencher stated.  He elaborated further, “The lack of a Mafia base has hurt our public sector economy, dampening incomes.  The Mafia is currently concentrated in municipalities in and around Montreal, and we can all see the resulting inflationary effect on salaries for municipal employees there.”

When asked by a reporter if this was a wise strategy for economic development, Provencher was adamant.  “This is the absolutely the way to go.  Look around us….there’s nothing else here.  This is going to boost the municipal government, and as a result, the overall local economy.”

Referring to the mayors of Montreal and Laval, respectively, Provencher explained that “Now that they have some free time, Gerard [Tremblay] and Gilles [VaillanCourt] can provide consultation to us so that we can do this in an efficient and effective manner.”

The former mayors of Montreal and Laval could not be reached for comment.


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