Justin Bieber Congratulates Stephen Harper on Majority Government

Singer Justin Bieber congratulates Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Singer Justin Bieber congratulates Prime Minister Stephen Harper

OTTAWA – With a personal visit and a firm handshake, Justin Bieber belatedly congratulated Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his 2011 majority government win.  Bieber was in Ottawa Friday for an evening concert performance, and decided to pay a visit to Harper to congratulate him on his last election victory.

Family and friends know Harper to be a true “Belieber”, a term used to describe hardcore and enthusiastic Justin Bieber fans.  When the news was broken to Harper that Bieber was on his way to visit, Harper was described as “giddy” by his wife Laureen.  As photographers snapped the handshake, the Prime Minister appeared to be in awe of the singing superstar.

Former PMO Director of Communications Dimitri Soudas revealed to reporters how much Harper was a fanatic of Justin’s music.

“He [Harper] has  a public persona of a really cerebral, reserved guy,” Soudas explained.  “Everybody thinks he’s working when he’s in his office late at night; but I can tell you for a fact that after 10pm, you’ll hear Justin’s tunes blasting out from his office and the pitter-pattering of dancing steps.  During the 2011 election night victory party, I think the song ‘Baby’ played about ten times.”

During the brief encounter, Harper was overheard commenting on Bieber’s “great fashion style” and consoled him on his recent breakup with Selena Gomez.


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