News Anchor Peter Mansbridge Proposes On-Air to Weather Girl Claire Martin

Peter Mansbridge and Claire Martin

Peter Mansbridge and Claire Martin

TORONTO – In a move that even caught the newsroom off guard, Peter Mansbridge, the anchor of CBC’s nightly newscast, The National, proposed to weather forecaster Claire Martin during the weather segment of last night’s telecast.

As Martin demonstrated to viewers the threat of a looming storm on the map, the camera cut away to Mansbridge, who was down on one knee holding a ring in one hand.

“Claire,” began Mansbridge, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have some breaking news. We have word that there is a stunning woman in the studio who is about to have her life turned upside-down, and we have her on camera right now.”

The camera then cut back to a visibly confused Martin.

“Claire,” continued Mansbridge, “I’ve never loved listening to the weather so much since I met you. The best part of my day is our National Weather segment. During the telecast, I can’t stop thinking about you… That shine in my eyes just isn’t the reflection of the teleprompter. Every time we go to commercial, I rack my brain trying to think of the best segue to transition from the latest Middle Eastern horror story to your warm fronts and high pressure ridges.”

“Petah!”, exclaimed Claire, red-faced with her hand partially covering her mouth.  Mansbridge continued on.

“When we giggle together at my obscure, inside references, it feels that we are the only ones in this world, and I completely forget about the fact that we are being broadcast to an audience of one million people.  Marry me, Claire….let’s make beautiful news together.”

The telecast was then blacked out at that point, as producers scrambled to cut off the feed.

Claire later issued a statement announcing her resignation from The National, saying that while she appreciated the opportunity to present the weather during the nightly program, she was unable to continue her duties as her continued presence would be a distraction to the audience, the media, and evidently, to Peter Mansbridge.  Claire also stated, “In case anybody is wondering, the answer to Peter’s question is ‘no’, as I think he has forgotten he is already married to the lovely Cynthia Dale, who I would hazard is not a fan  of polygamy.”


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