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Martha Hall Findlay Attacks: Justin Trudeau Richer than ‘Basic Millionaires’ Like Her

Martha Hall Findlay - Straight from the Gutter

Martha Hall Findlay – Straight from the Gutter

MISSISSAUGA – During a spirited Liberal leadership debate in Mississauga, contender Martha Hall Findlay launched a personal attack against frontrunner Justin Trudeau for belonging to the top “1%” of Canada’s financial elite.

“You keep referring to the middle-class,”  said Hall Findlay during the debate.  “However, you yourself have admitted that you have a $1.2 million inheritance…this makes you part of the 1%.  People like you can never understand the rest of us…like a basic millionaire like me who belongs to the second percentile of the 2%.  That extra $200 000 that you have compared to me makes your life so much easier.”

“Let’s look at what you can get for that two hundred grand.  If you’re buying a house, it’s the difference between buying in Rosedale and Lawrence Park.”

“If you’re buying a car, it’s the difference between a Rolls-Royce Ghost and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.”

“If you’re looking for a university education, it’s the difference between Harvard University and Queens University.”

“There are two classes of people: the 1% and the 99%.  You belong to the 1% and I belong to the 99%.  You cannot comprehend what it is like to live at our level Justin, and the sacrifices we have to make.  When you are flying in first-class….we’re languishing back in business-class.  You sent your kids to an elite private academy; ours went to a vanilla Montessori.  You drink Blue Label and we drink Green Label.  GREEN LABEL, for God’s sake!”

“Liberals need to elect a leader from the gutter who can deliver the straight goods; not a bourgeois bullshitter.  I’m sorry Justin, but getting into a boxing ring for a fight with another politico doesn’t make you ‘real’.  All you succeeded in doing was beating somebody who has only beaten his wife.”


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