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Tory Attack Ads Unleashed: Justin Trudeau a Failed Leader

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA – With today’s formal coronation of Justin Trudeau as federal Liberal leader, the first wave of Conservative attack ads were instantly unleashed, declaring Justin Trudeau a “failed leader.”

“Justin Trudeau has accomplished absolutely nothing as leader of the Liberal party,” cited one spot.  “No legislative achievements, no executive decisions, nothing to improve the lives of ordinary Canadians.  Canadians can be rest assured that the Harper government will use all of Question Period for the next two years to hold Justin Trudeau to account for his failures.”

Another attack ad focused on the secrecy of Trudeau’s policy positions.  “Justin Trudeau has viciously attacked the way our government operates, saying that the public is not informed of how we arrive at our policy decisions,” cited the second spot.  “Justin doesn’t realize that Canadians don’t care how we arrive at our decisions, because they are the correct decisions that benefit ordinary people.  Would you trust the ‘unknown unknown’ with Justin Trudeau, or the more familiar ‘known unknown’ with your Harper government?”


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