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PMO Scandal Fallout: New Reform Party Splits Tory Caucus

Original Reform Party Leader Preston Manning

Original Reform Party Leader Preston Manning

OTTAWA – Fallout from the Senate expense scandal involving Senator Mike Duffy and former PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright wildly escalated to the next level today with a stunning announcement by a group of renegade Conservative MPs that they were leaving the Tory caucus.

The group of 12 MPs issued a formal press release providing an explanation for their actions.

“Today, we as a group have undertaken the bold choice to leave the Conservative Party as it no longer represents our interests and those of our constituents.  Given the events that have transpired over the past week, we felt that we had no option but to leave in order to maintain our integrity; however, make no mistake, our frustrations have been accumulating since the Conservatives acquired a majority government.”

“Stephen Harper has turned his back on us on the issues of abortion, fiscal prudence, and government bloat.  Stephen Harper only cares about Stephen Harper; the rest of us are mere pawns in his grand game of political chess.  With the latest revelations of Senate debauchery and PMO corruption, we could swallow our pride no longer.”

“Today marks the birth of the New Reform Party.  Given that Stephen Harper no longer has a majority government effective immediately, we invite him to procure our support by introducing legislation that serves our interests.  We invite the rest of the caucus and ordinary Canadians to join and support us.  Thank you.”

The seismic political event sent shockwaves throughout the nation’s capital.

New Reform MP Pierre Poilievre, who was lauding Nigel Wright’s $90 000 cheque to Mike Duffy as an “exceptionally honourable” thing to do immediately after the scandal broke, was markedly outspoken after being rid of his partisan handcuffs.

“Guess what Stevie?,” exclaimed an exuberant Poilievre.  “Twelve of us left you….so you’re down to 152 MPs from 164…and you need 155 out of a total 308 for a majority.  Checkmate, bitch!”

Socially conservative crusader and New Reform MP Leon Benoit was also emphatic.  “Time for Mr. Harper to dust off the  abortion legislation that’s been literally sitting in his desk drawer.  It’s the first piece of legislation that he needs to table if there’s any hope of his government to survive.”


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