Nigel Wright’s $90K Cheque to Mike Duffy Confirmed via NSA Prism Leak

Ex-PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright

Ex-PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright

OTTAWA – In a stunning amalgamation of scandals, data from the recently NSA Prism secret surveillance program confirm the existence of both a $90K cheque issued to Conservative Senator Mike Duffy by ex-PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright, as well as a letter agreement signed by both Duffy and Wright.

Photocopies of the cheque and letter were attached in emails between Wright and Duffy.  The NSA’s surveillance program was so sophisticated and broad that it was able to penetrate the IT systems in Canada’s Parliament.  The emails and photocopied attachments were provided to Canada News Network by Edward Snowden, the man behind the devastating leak of the NSA program.

The contents of the letter detail how a gag order was imposed upon Mike Duffy as part of the $90K transaction.  Specifically, Mike Duffy was prohibited from going public with his knowledge of:

  • Fraudulent robocalls during the last election
  • Incorrectly claimed Senate expenses
  • Extramarital affairs of members of the Cabinet
  • The location of Rob Ford’s video

The exposure of the letter throttled new life into the Senate expense controversy, as questions arise as to what threatening knowledge Duffy was privy to that could potentially sink the careers of various members of the Conservative party.  Duffy was unavailable for comment.


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