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Secret Memo Leak Reveals Shocking “Phase 2” of Quebec Values Charter

Bernard Drainville, architect of Quebec Values Charter

Bernard Drainville, architect of Quebec Values Charter

QUEBEC – An internal memo circulated between senior members of the Parti Québecois was leaked to media today, and its contents sent shockwaves across Québec and the rest of Canada.

The memo described in detail a previously unknown “Phase 2” of the Québec Values Charter.  While the existing Charter bans government workers from wearing religious symbols and clothing, this second phase was to involve extending the Charter in order to ban ethnic minorities and anglophones outright from even holding public sector jobs.

Reasons for excluding specific minority groups from government jobs were outlined in the document:

  • Italians were to be banned from public sector employment due to the extensive involvement of the Mafia in rigging government contracts and general corruption.
  • Haitians were to be banned because “consumers of government services may fear for their safety when dealing with Haitians because of the possibility of an outbreak of violence due to gang activity.”
  • Muslims were to be banned in order to prevent a “subversive Islamic influence on government policy, including policy based on Sharia principles.”
  • West Africans were to be banned in order to “restore colonial order.”
  • Indians were to be banned in order to prevent fear among the rest of public sector employees that their jobs were at risk due to impending outsourcing.
  • Jews were to be banned in order to “contain the spread of Zionism and isolate it from influencing Quebec foreign policy”.
  • Anglophones were to be banned in order to “not dilute Québec culture and the French language within the public sector and to protect the government from the tyrannical, socially conservative influence of the British Crown.”

Anonymous sources within the PQ say that the plan was to only announce the second phase after a majority election win such that it would be able to be implemented without the need of forming a coalition.  The PQ is currently pushing the Quebec Values Charter as a wedge issue to shore up and consolidate the sovereignist vote with the hopes of winning a majority government after calling a snap election this fall.

A PQ insider, who wished to remain anonymous, elaborated that this proposed extension to the Charter was completely in line with the PQ goal of “purifying” the public service to better represent the interests of Quebec residents.

“When Quebeckers are interacting with our public service workers, they need to feel safe, secure, and confident that those to which they are talking share common Quebec values,” he said.  “I’m sure that even members of the above minority groups will feel better with these policies in place, as they will now be interfacing with people of the highest standards and values.”


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